Best selling home-computer of all time returns on 29 March 2018



The Commodore 64 is one of the most iconic and successful home computers ever and it’s staging a comeback in the form of the C64 Mini.

Riding on the back of the current craze for mini retro consoles such as the NES/SNES Classic Mini, the C64 Mini is a plug and play version of the Commodore 64; half the size of the original that connects directly to your TV.

It comes with 64 pre-installed licensed games including classics such as Speedball 2, California Games, Boulder Dash and Impossible Mission II. And the best bit is there’s no more waiting for games to load!


Games can be played in High Definition output at 720p via HDM and the system offers pixel-perfect graphics at 4:3 ratio, with full width, CRT filter and US/Europe display mode options. There’s also a handy save game function.

In the box, you get a mini C64, HDMI cable, USB cable, manual and what looks like a great quality joystick. Let’s hope the joystick’s cable is long enough as that spoilt Nintendo’s Classic Mini consoles. You can also add a second USB joystick for 2-player games.

Unfortunately, the keyboard buttons are for show only but you can plug in your own USB keyboard and use it as a fully functional home computer with C64 BASIC.

There’s no AC Adapter included – the C64 Mini is powered by a USB cable.

Check out this great first look video from Laird’s Lair.

More information can be found on the C64 Mini website.

The C64 Mini is available to pre-order for £64.99 from Amazon UK:

THEC64 Mini

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