Bethesda Pinball available now on Nintendo Switch Pinball FX3


Zen Studios has released the Bethesda pack of three pinball tables: Doom, Fallout and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on Nintendo Switch Pinball FX3.

The tables have previously been available for other systems such as PS4 and XBox One but didn’t come to the Nintendo Switch upon the game’s release due to licensing issues. These issues have now been resolved and Nintendo Switch owners can now enjoy these fabulous tables!

Watch the Nintendo Switch Bethesda pack trailer here:

Find out more information on the official website.

The table pack costs £9.89 (UK price) from the Nintendo Switch eShop. That’s a bargain at around £3.30 per table.

There’s not been any confirmation from Zen Studios about when the new performance patch will be released on Nintendo Switch to provide 60fps undocked but they have said they are working on it.

If you already own these tables on another system you would still need to re-purchase them if you wanted to play them on Switch. I’ve bought all the Pinball FX3 tables for Nintendo Switch as I love playing the game in handheld mode with headphones – I think it’s more immersive and I love the HD Rumble.

5 thoughts on “Bethesda Pinball available now on Nintendo Switch Pinball FX3

    1. These tables look quality – I’ve bought all the tables on Switch and wasn’t really expecting them to release the Doom table so soon. Let’s hope the Marvel and Star Wars tables are made available soon as well.

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  1. My Switch friend code is SW-5081-3113-1067 and I’m happy for people to add me. Like you I’m no good at the pinball but it’s awesome. I had no love for pinball until I played FX3 on Switch. Now I’d love a real table – if only I had space! I can’t believe some of the crazy scores people get in the FX3 tournaments.

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  2. Just sent you a friend request, my Switch name is Signosis. Sorry for the late reply I’ve only just seen your message.
    Yeah the scores are insane on some of these tables, my mate Nigel is very good at pinball games and I’ve no idea how he does it.
    Agree with you, I’d love a pinball table in my room.
    If you get the chance play Devil Crash MD on the Sega MegaDrive, one of my favourite pinball video games.


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