Fixing a Nintendo Switch cracked backplate

My Nintendo Switch recently developed a crack in the backplate. This looks like it is something that has affected quite a few Switch owners judging by comments online.

The crack

The crack seems to form at the top right-hand side near the power button. It looks like a design issue that has something to do with the quality of the plastic and perhaps how tight the screw is on this side as a lot of people are getting cracks in the exact same place. See the picture below of my Nintendo Switch’s crack.


I contacted Nintendo UK and to be honest they were pretty poor in handling the issue. I sent them links to several websites where people were discussing these cracks and they said they couldn’t open links to external sites for security reasons (which is complete bollocks).

They refused to acknowledge that it was a fault with the Switch and said I had to book it in with their servicing department. When I asked them how much it would cost to fix they said it would be between £59 and £169. I read online that several people had sent their consoles to Nintendo UK’s service centre hoping they would fix this under warranty and were quoted the highest price (£169) to fix it. Frankly, that is ridiculous given it just needs a cheap bit of plastic replacing. You can buy a brand new Switch for only £100 more! I have no idea if they would have charged me that much but frankly, I wasn’t prepared to take the risk or waste the time sending my Switch to Nintendo. So I decided to fix it myself.

Replacement backplate

I bought a BASSTOP translucent backplate from for $18.99 which I got shipped to the UK.



I purchased a Keten Nintendo Switch toolkit from Amazon UK, priced at £7.59:

Nintendo Triwing Screwdriver, Keten Professional Full Triwing Screwdriver Repair Kit for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo SNES / Wii / DS / DS Lite / GBA and more, Security Screw Driver Game Bit Set

You only need two screwdrivers from this toolkit – the small Phillips and the small tri-wing screwdriver.

Instructional video

I used this YouTube video to help me replace the case – it was fairly straightforward and took about 20 minutes. The screws were tiny so it was a bit fiddly and you need to take care not to strip their heads.

The finished backplate


So for about £25 (including postage) I fixed my cracked Nintendo Switch.

I’m quite pleased with the end result. The flip-up stand on the back is not as good quality as the original but I hardly ever use it anyway.

Added comfort

I have to be honest, I prefer the feel of the original backplate so I decided to purchase an Orzly Comfort Grip Case for around £11.

Orzly Comfort Grip Case for Nintendo Switch – Protective Back Cover for use on the Nintendo Switch Console in Handheld GamePad Mode with built in Comfort Padded Hand Grips – SMOKEY SLATE

This feels great and makes hand-held play more comfortable. It will also provide a bit more protection to the Switch – the case I got was translucent ‘Smokey Slate’ so you can see right through to the back of the Switch.


2 thoughts on “Fixing a Nintendo Switch cracked backplate

  1. Pleased you managed to fix it yourself and I like the look of that grip, might invest in one myself. Out of interest, did your Switch start to bow as well? This is also a common problem and happened to mine. Nintendo do recognise this as a fault and repaired mine for free, (and a new 1 year warranty). Maybe something you could exploit if it happens again?

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    1. The grip is great – it’s a bit fiddly to get on and off but I’m sure it will get a bit slack in time and at present, I play a lot in hand-held mode so just charge the Switch via cable. I haven’t had any bowing in the console but I know that’s an issue – presumably due to overheating?! There’s always issues with new consoles which they eventually iron out. I don’t regret buying the Switch so early as it’s been a fantastic console (possibly my favourite ever). I have to say though there’s clearly an issue with the back-plates – the plastic is just so thin that it’s not surprising that it’s cracking with pressure/heat. Nintendo really shouldn’t be ignoring this or charging so much to replace them. I’d like to see them improve this in any updated Switch – it would also be cool to be able to replace the case covers easily like they allowed with the new 3DS.

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