New Jurassic Park Pinball FX3 online tournament 16-23 March


Zen Studios are running a 25th Anniversary Jurassic Park Celebration Pinball Tournament for Pinball FX3 players who own the Jurassic World tables pack. The tournament is on now and runs until 23 March 2018 across all systems (PS4, XBox One, Nintendo Switch, PC). There are some great prizes to win including gift cards for the top 3 players and random prizes for some participants (looks like you can win Jurassic Park collection Blu Rays). Find out more on the Pinball FX3 website.

One of the great features of Pinball FX3 is the online tournaments that you can set up or take part in. From time to time, Zen Studios run official tournaments such as this with great prizes on offer. I had a blast taking part in the previous Back to the Future tournament. This new Jurassic Park tournament is very challenging though as you only have 1 minute to get a high score in survival mode – this means you really need to hit the skill shots and high score multi-balls quickly. It’s a very challenging table in the first place so I’m very impressed with some of the high-scores posted online already.

Check out my review of the Jurassic World Pinball FX3 Pack for Nintendo Switch for more information on these tables.

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