Nintendo Power podcast episode 3 is now available

The latest podcast from Nintendo Power is now available to listen to on YouTube. In episode 3 host Chris Slate interviews Matt Thorson and Noel Berry, the creators of the highly regarded indie platforming game Celeste. They also take a look back at some games which defined the Nintendo Switch in its first year. You can listen to the podcast below:

You can also listen to the podcast directly on your Nintendo Switch console! Just find it in the news tab.

One thought on “Nintendo Power podcast episode 3 is now available

  1. Not sure if you’ve been keeping up with these (the Nintendo Power podcasts), but one caught my eye recently. To my amazement (I didn’t realize), it has been 30 years (!!) since the debut of Issue #1. I just acquired it earlier this year, and decided now would be a good a time as any to read it, cover to cover, as we did in the old days when they showed up in your mailbox. So I did.

    I then thought “you know what would be cool? Playing the games they featured like they just came out.” So I did. The NES bug has once again bitten me; already owning over 300 NES games, I’ve once again started to add to it. I’m keeping track of the last date that I’ve beaten these games (along with scores, notes, etc.) for some sort of official record. I’ve beaten a whole bunch of them through the years, but as far as my collection is now officially concerned, I’ve beaten 4. Legend of Zelda (1st Quest) knocked off on the 3rd (2nd Quest scheduled for the 22nd, 31 years after its release), and I dumped Contra on the 6th (with my dad, I don’t think he’d ever beaten a game in his life, haha). I’d crushed those games before, so nothing new..but on August 10th something wonderful happen. For the first time in my videogame life, I managed to TKO Mike Tyson in Rd 2. That felt pretty darn good, but admittedly the impact was lessened after winning by decision about an hour prior. (Yuck!)

    Last night I whipped through Super Mario Bros. — the long way, no warps — and finished “another quest” right after. I don’t believe I’d ever done that before either. Super Mario Bros. 2 (on the cover of NP #1) is slated for later this week, though I’ve also been working on Gauntlet, Ring King, and Mario Bros. It’s a lot of fun / CHALLENGING, and you can see how much I’ve typed in this comment section. Really thinking about firing up another WordPress site to cover this stuff as I clearly need an outlet to talk about it, HAHA!!


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