Data East games coming to Nintendo Switch: ‘Gate of Doom’ out next week


Publisher Flying Tiger Entertainment is bringing an old Data East arcade game, Gate of Doom, to the Switch next week.

Gate of Doom is an isometric dungeon-crawling action game, first released in arcades in 1990, and, in all honesty, I’ve never heard of it.

I’m sure there are fans of this game out there who will be pleased to see it coming to Nintendo’s console. However, I’ve never been a huge fan of Gauntlet-style games and the big news, as far as I’m concerned, is that we’re getting Data East arcade games on the Switch.

Data East is not one of the arcade big-boys but they’ve made some incredible arcade games which a lot of people will be familiar with. If Flying Tiger Entertainment continues to release their arcade games in the way that Zerodiv have with Psikyo, then the Switch is going to be home to some absolute classics.

These are five Data East games I’d love to see come to the Switch:

1. Midnight Resistance

This is a Contra-style run and gun game which I played a lot as a kid – mainly on the Amiga. The multi-directional shooting makes it tricky to control and the graphics haven’t aged particularly well. The game’s big selling point is that you pick up keys as you go along which can be exchanged at the end of each level for cool weaponry. Back in the day, we spent hours arguing over those keys! Watch a video of the game in action.

2. Night Slashers

Fans of beat-em-ups should know all about this game. I never played it in my youth but came across it much later whilst researching arcade games for MAME. Released in 1993, the game is a side-scrolling beat-em-up with a brilliant horror theme, where you take on hordes of zombies and werewolves. This game is absolutely stunning – check out this gameplay video on Youtube. I love the theme and it’s one of my favourite games in this genre.

3. Robocop / Robocop 2

Based on an iconic 80s movie franchise, the games were very stylish and actually did a decent job of replicating the films’ atmosphere: as teenagers, we lapped this up. The original game was a side-scrolling shooter whereas the sequel opened up into more of a beat-em-up style game (with guns). I’m not sure if these games would ever make it to Switch due to licencing issues but if they did it would be wonderful – see this video for gameplay footage.

4. Sly Spy

Sly Spy is like a James Bond game but without the official licence. Released in 1989, it’s a run and gun game similar to Namco’s Rolling Thunder, which has you sky-diving, scuba-diving and driving a motorbike as you take out the bad guys in your tux. I’ve got fond memories of playing this in the arcades and on friend’s C64s. It still looks great today.

5. The Cliffhanger, Edward Randy

In 1990 Data East released a game with possibly one of the strangest names ever: The Cliffhanger, Edward Randy. This time the influence was Indiana Jones, and despite the unusual name and tricky gameplay, this game is stunning. I never saw this in the arcades but discovered it on MAME years later and it’s a very unique game that I’d love to own on Switch.

There are more Data East games I could list such as Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja and Burger Time but these are just five I’d most like to play. My apologies to fans of Gate of Doom for being so dismissive of the game, but I’m sure you’ll agree that these are exciting times for fans of classic arcade games and titles such as these would make a welcome addition to Nintendo’s latest console. Let’s hope that Gate of Doom is just the start and Flying Tiger Entertainment manage to port more of Data East’s classic games.

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