More great Psikyo games heading to Nintendo Switch


The Japanese publisher Zerodiv has recently announced that they will be bringing 3 more Psikyo arcade games to the Nintendo Switch: Samurai Aces, Sol Divide and Taisen Hot Gimmick.

Samurai Aces (Sengoku Ace in Japan) is Psikyo’s first arcade game and was originally released in 1993. It’s a vertically scrolling shoot ’em up with a really interesting Japanese setting. You still get to choose from a range of pilots and planes which is typical of Psikyo’s shooters. The game looks absolutely stunning and I can’t wait to play it in TATE mode on the Switch. Watch the game in action.

Sol Divide is a horizontal shoot ’em up where you take on the role of a flying warrior, shooting, fighting and using magic against various beasts. This is not a game I know much about but it looks quite a unique experience. Check out Hardcore 101’s site for more information on this game.

As well as shoot ’em ups, Psikyo is also known in Japan for releasing various mahjong games (solitaire-like puzzle games). Taisen Hot Gimmick is loosely based on a Japanese comic for men and, as the name suggests, it promises to be rather naughty. Watch this gameplay video for more information.

Zerodiv has been doing a great job of porting Psikyo’s games to the Switch recently, with titles such as Zero Gunner 2-, Strikers 1945 I & II, and Gunbird giving this classic arcade name an unlikely revival on Nintendo’s hybrid console. I’m really looking forward to adding some of these to my growing collection of Psikyo games on the Switch.



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