3 new beat ’em ups heading to Nintendo Switch

As the saying goes, you wait ages for a bus then several come along at once. Well, I feel like I’ve been waiting my whole adult life for beat ’em ups to come back in fashion and now it feels like it’s finally happening.

With 3 new games coming soon to the Nintendo Switch, adding to the excellent Wulverblade and growing list of arcade classics such as Double Dragon, things are certainly looking promising for fans of this genre.

Raging Justice


Team 17 recently announced they are bringing Raging Justice to the Switch as well as PS4, Xbox One and PC. The game is inspired by beat ’em up greats such as Streets of Rage and looks incredible! You play as two cops, Nikki Rage and Rick Justice as you fight your way through the criminal underworld, punching, kicking and even driving lawnmowers to deliver justice! Check out the MakinGames website for some videos and screenshots.

Streets of Red: Devil’s Dare Deluxe


Streets of Red is a horror-style beat ’em up coming to Nintendo Switch on 27 February 2018 from the Singapore-based developer, Secret Base.  The game has an ‘arcade-style’ currency system which uses in-game money for upgrades or continues so when you run out of cash your game dies with you. This is designed to mimic the excitement of the old-school arcade beat ’em ups. Characters are parodies of classic horror and video game characters, from Stranger Things, Rick and Morty, Attack on Titan and many more. Simple Super Smash Bros-style controls make for easy to learn but hard to master action! Watch the teaser trailer.

Claws of Fury


Indie developers, Terhard Studios, are bringing slash ’em up Claws of Furry to the Switch, Xbox One and PC this Spring. The game is a roguelike beat em’ up featuring ninja kittens who are tasked with rescuing their Master from the claws of an unknown boss. With 4 player local co-op, 50 levels, unlockable costumes and a variety of gameplay modes this game looks like it will be great fun!


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