ADZ Nintendo Switch play-stand is perfect for playing games in TATE mode

With the Nintendo Switch being home to so many great vertical arcade shoot ‘em ups it’s worth investing in a stand to make the most of the fabulous TATE mode.

Those of you who are unfamiliar with TATE mode it’s an incredible feature which allows you to rotate the Switch’s screen to play games vertically, allowing the console to replicate a vertical monitor.

One of the first games to take advantage of this mode was Pinball FX3 which gives players a top-down view of the pinball tables as demonstrated below.


TATE mode is also perfect for arcade shoot ‘em ups and two games that make good use of this feature are Strikers 1945 and its sequel Strikers 1945 II.


Once you’ve played these games this way there’s honestly no going back! However, you really do need some sort of play-stand to get the best out of this mode.

There are several of these play-stands for sale but I didn’t want to break the bank so I went for the ADZ Nintendo Switch Playstand which cost £6.99 (UK price) from Amazon.

When the stand arrived I was pleasantly surprised – it feels quite lightweight and folds flat which is great for portability. The stand has some little rubber feet which keep it stable on a table. It feels quite sturdy even when the console is placed vertically (without joycons attached).


There are three height settings so you can adjust the angle of the Switch to suit your position. The raised position of the Switch means you can charge it via USB while playing and there are some small gaps at the back to prevent over-heating.


The console sits on a little flap which pulls out. The flap has two small prongs which ensure the Switch is held firmly when played in ‘normal’ position. I was a bit worried these prongs would stop me being able to play the console in vertical TATE mode but the prongs sit inside the groove that the joycons slide into. 

For the money, I’m very pleased with this purchase and recommend it to anyone looking for a cheap play-stand that is easy to carry around – especially if you’re into playing your Switch in TATE mode like me!

ADZ Nintendo Switch Adjustable Playstand Portable Play Stand Bracket with 3 Height Settings for Nintendo Switch Console


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