SOZU.S1: The ultimate SNES arcade stick?


Shika Arcades have recently announced they are making a new arcade stick for the original SNES – the SOZU.S1. At £450 these are no ordinary sticks!

They’re individually manufactured from premium bamboo using custom-made parts and look incredible quality. With Sanwa Denshi arcade buttons and joystick, they feature vintage switches which allow you to control autofire and map buttons. The first 100 will be individually numbered limited editions.

If you’re lucky enough to own an original SNES (or something like an Analogue Super Nt) and feel like treating yourself to the ultimate SNES arcade stick then check out the Shika Arcades website for more details.

Check out this beautiful video and weep at the sheer quality of the thing.

If only I owned an original SNES and had £450 to burn…

I’ll have to stick with my mini SNES Classic and plastic gamepads for now.

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