Switch Player – a free online magazine for Nintendo Switch gamers


I was a big fan of gaming magazines back in the day with Amiga Power, Games Master and Official Nintendo Magazine being personal favourites. They made for essential reading before the Internet existed. These days there’s just so much quality news online it’s little wonder the print magazine market is in decline.

I’m really getting into my Nintendo Switch at the moment and was therefore pleased to find out there’s an online magazine for Nintendo Switch gamers called Switch Player. The magazine looks great and is free to read online – Issue 11 is available now via issuu.com! It features articles on the contentious issue of loot crates, top tips for Mario Odyssey and several in-depth reviews of games such as Doom, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, L.A. Noire and Rocket League.

I really enjoyed reading the magazine and look forward to the next issue – it reminded me of the good old days! You can even download it to read on your phone or tablet via the issuu app and it’s also possible to buy hard copies of issues online.

2 thoughts on “Switch Player – a free online magazine for Nintendo Switch gamers

  1. Didn’t even know about this, will give ’em all a glance in the next week or so. Just got Issue 1 of Nintendo Power in the mail today (thanks, eBay three-issue lot!) and completed my collection there. I subscribed to another Nintendo magazine after NP went away, but it just wasn’t the same. I miss those days. (And the quality of the debut issue, 1988, is incredible. Such great game coverage!)

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  2. Have you heard of Nintendo Force Magazine? That looks like it is a US-based print magazine. I loved reading gaming mags as a kid – had a huge collection for various systems – C64, Amiga, Games Master, Nintendo etc… I wish I still had them – sadly I sold them one day in a car boot sale for a few quid. Needed the money for a holiday.

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