TeckNet Omni Mini wireless mouse is a budget gem

Having recently started blogging I realised I needed a spare mouse for use with my laptop. I wanted something fairly cheap and cheerful and chose the TeckNet Omni Mini wireless mouse as it was one of the cheapest on Amazon and had great reviews. I’ve only been using it for a day or so but these are my initial thoughts…

It’s quite small and lightweight which makes it easy to fit in your laptop bag. People with large hands may struggle though. The wireless adapter can be stored inside the battery cover which helps with portability. When you first get the mouse you’ll find the adapter hidden in this place.

Build quality seems perfectly fine for the price – the shiny plastic feels a bit cheap but what can you expect for £5.99! The scroll wheel feels very smooth and has a rubber edge to help with grip. It’s not very ergonomic but the standard mouse shape should suit most people well for general use.

The buttons have a silent click which is nice if you like to work in silence and I think it adds to the overall feel of quality of the product. Some people may prefer to have a stronger click action but this is no gaming mouse.

It uses one AA battery and has a sleep mode which kicks in after a minute or so when not in use to conserve battery life. The mouse is re-activated by clicking one of its buttons. There’s also a small battery indicator light on top to warn you when it’s running out of juice.

A little button on top is used to switch the sensitivity quickly between 3 settings: 1000, 1500 and 2000 DPI. It works really well on any flat surface thanks to the BlueWave sensor so no need for a mouse mat.

The mouse works great with my PC and MacBook – the drivers are automatically downloaded as soon as you insert the wireless adaptor and turn on the mouse.

The mouse comes in a range of colours: Black, Blue, Grey, Purple, Red and Full Black.

Clearly, there are better quality products available, but this is a great little budget mouse which represents incredible value for money.

The mouse is available from Amazon UK for the current price of £5.99
Wireless Mouse, TeckNet Omni Mini 2.4G Wireless Portable Mobile Computer Mouse Mice With 18 Month Battery Life, 2000 DPI 3 Adjustment Levels, USB Nano Receiver, Auto Sleeping Design

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